The Biggest Empire on the planet, The Pane Empire is the driving force of most of the world economy with its ships being the most supported of all others. Most companies make their products to be placed on these ships and it has given the Pane Empire a great advantage. The country is ruled by the Eternal Emperor Gailtbles who seems to have been laying low over the past few years, some wonder if he even runs the country anymore.


The history of The Pane Empire begins 1000 years ago when a young Gailtbles rebeled against the long standing empire at the time The Gala Kingdom. His takeover of most of the continent was swift and, along the way, he had discovered immortality, how is still up to speculation.


The Pane Empire's main economy is based off its ship-building skills. Their ships are considered easily customizable and repairs are generally easy.


Bin Island
Xanduf Porlahn Valley
Millennium Plains

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